The 12 best apps of 2017

2017-12-17T23:22:35+02:0017 Dicembre, 2017|

Karissa Bell:

Just when you thought apps had gotten boring and derivative, developers have leveraged new technologies to breathe new life into mobile experiences. From games we couldn’t put down to powerful camera apps to augmented reality finally taking off, those little squares with the rounded corners on our home screens continued to surprise and delight us.

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2017-09-13T15:46:24+02:0013 Settembre, 2017|

Questa cosa successa ieri al keynote Apple mi ha ricordato un Blue Screen of Death di tanto tempo fa.

Iphone X

2017-09-13T15:39:04+02:0013 Settembre, 2017|

Per dirla veloce e in sintesi io tutto questo futuro nell’Iphone X non lo vedo proprio.