Netflix CEO Confirms Netflix Won’t Be Part of Apple’s Upcoming Video Service

2019-03-19T10:17:59+02:0019 Marzo, 2019|

” Apple is set to unveil its long-rumored TV service next Monday, and ahead of the event, Netflix has confirmed that it won’t be participating in Apple’s streaming offering.

At a briefing at the company’s headquarters in Hollywood, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that while Apple is a “great company,” Netflix isn’t interested in offering its content on other platforms. “We want to have people watch our shows on our services,” he said, according to Recode.”


Why can’t Facebook keep problematic videos off its platform?

2019-03-18T15:25:22+02:0018 Marzo, 2019|

” In the wake of the horrific shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, that claimed the lives of 50 people and saw several more injured, Facebook noted it had removed some 1.5 million video clips of the attack on its platform. That’s a good move to keep the gruesome content – which may serve to glorify the shooter, encourage others, and traumatize the families of survivors – from spreading like wildfire. But couldn’t the company do more to prevent it from being shared on the social network at all? In the first 24 hours we removed 1.5 million videos of the attack…”


Google helps South Africa combat fake news ahead of its general election

2019-03-18T15:23:37+02:0018 Marzo, 2019|

” Can South Africa really hold a general election on the 8th of May in a way that it really represents the views of its people? One might have thought this was an academic question. The Electoral Commission of South Africa is well respected and the legal system is robust. There are certainly enough political parties – around 285 are registered even if most are unlikely to participate in the May elections – for the national and nine provincial legislatures. But there have been worrying signs about the use of disinformation during previous elections and these need to be heeded. Google… “


Facebook has removed 1.5 million videos of the New Zealand shooting, but questions remain

2019-03-17T21:01:42+02:0017 Marzo, 2019|

” We already knew that Facebook moved quickly on Thursday to stop videos of the New Zealand mass shooting from spreading, but now we have some actual numbers.
In a public statement and identical series of tweets dispensed by Facebook Newsroom, the company confirms that 1.5 million videos were removed in the first 24 hours following the terror attack on two New Zealand mosques that left 50 dead and 50 injured as of Sunday. Of those, 1.2 million were stopped before they were even uploaded.”


Everything we think we know about Google’s mystery gaming announcement

2019-03-17T13:47:33+02:0017 Marzo, 2019|

” Google is making a big play in gaming next week, but we’re still unsure exactly what that entails. For years, the company has toyed with the idea of getting involved in what is now the biggest sector of the entertainment industry, worth an estimated $138 billion dollars as of last fall. And it would make competitive sense: Amazon owns Twitch, Facebook acquired Oculus, and Microsoft has Xbox. The only other major tech company without a serious gaming platform or investment of its own, not counting mobile app stores, is Apple, although even the iPhone maker is now rumored to be working on a game subscription service of its own.”


La denuncia di Spotify? Ecco cosa rischia davvero Apple

2019-03-17T13:45:22+02:0017 Marzo, 2019|

” Gli analisti della Capital Markets ritengono che la denuncia presentata alla Commissione europea da Spotify contro Apple nasconde tre potenziali rischi per l’azienda di Cupertino e l’intero App Store. Nella sua denuncia, Spotify chiede tre cose: Le app devono essere in grado di competere in modo equo nel merito e non in base a chi possiede l’App Store. “